Peugeot 208 comes from a culture that has excelled in making desirable small cars, which are hard to beat. It is the same case with Germany and luxury vehicles.

Peugeot 208 has a cute face, much prettier than the old version and less fussy than its European rivals such as VW Polo. In a matchup with Mini, 208 is more modern and extremely good-looking, especially for the higher-up trims.

But is 208 only about the aesthetics that blend well in the city surroundings? Far from it!


The current 208’s interior is a significant upgrade over its predecessor. It’s hands down the best looking of any other small car.

It’s not just the upholstery but also other features, such as the instrument cluster with a modern 3D design. Admittedly, the infotainment system is not the best, but it has the bells and whistles that you quickly warm up to.

Despite the 208’s almost perfect small-car demeanor, it has its shortcomings. The space in the rear seat is noticeably limited, and a tall family member or colleague may not enjoy the long journey across town. Boot space isn’t so bad. It’s similar to that of the VW Polo.


The 208 is the first city small car to offer all-electric, petrol, and diesel versions to give buyers a proper choice.

The lineup kicks off with a 1.2-liter turbo, 5-speed manual, 74bhp petrol, and then 99bhp with an optional 8-speed auto. Higher up the trim is the same engine with 128bhp and standard auto gearbox.

Typically, the small steering wheel makes the drive feel somewhat wieldy and twitchy. The 100hp 1.2 petrol ticks the boxes for a punchier and smoother ride, but not as much as the e-208.

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