Nobody wants to be stuck on the side of the highway with steam shooting out from everywhere under the hood, but it happens. If you drive an old vehicle then sooner or later the radiator is going to go all toast on you and there will be no tasty avocado. Here are some signs that will tip you off ahead of time, so you won’t be stuck on the side of the road with a blown radiator and possibly blown engine, too.

Radiator Signs the End Is Near

Your radiator won’t just blow without trying to tell you for a long time that something is very wrong. So, here are some of the ways your radiator tries to head off stranding you. By the way, if your radiator does start blowing steam, do not open the hood until it cools down. Do not try to remove the radiator cap. It will blow scalding water all over you. OK, here are some signs your radiator is taking a turn for the worst.

The Engine is Overheating a Lot

The job the radiator has is to keep that engine cool. If the engine isn’t cooling down, then the radiator is likely having a problem doing its job. Get it checked immediately.

Puddles Under the Car

An old radiator will start to dissolve and spring leaks. When this happens, you will find a puddle of coolant under your car every day. Drive or tow it into the mechanic.

Radiator Fluid Color

Your radiator fluid should match the color it was in the bottle when you poured it in. This will generally be a greenish yellow or reddish/pink color. If it looks like it’s a rusty color instead, there is a problem coming soon. Radiators should not be full of rust. Get it checked right away.

Keep Your Radiator Happy

Keep your radiator in great shape by heading off these problems. Get your radiator flushed on a regular basis. Call us for an appointment.

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