European Autos

This A1 location specializes in repairs for all European makes and models of cars. We do Bimmer and Audi service, Mercedes and others. We are your European car specialist.

Coupons Deals

Click to see today’s coupon deal for European vehicle repair or maintenance. We always have a special on at A1 Performance European Auto Repair.

European Trucks

This A1 location does repairs for all European makes of trucks. We work on trucks manufactured by Volvo, Mercedes, Mack and others. We are your European truck and van specialist.

Towing to the Shop

We can tow your vehicle into our shop from anywhere in the San Jose area. Just give us a call and ask to be towed into our San Jose Auto Repair Shop. Call: 408-982-3091.

Cliff Guarantees It

I personally make sure the repairs made on your automobile are done correctly and need to be done only once. I hire mechanics that are certified in various European makes of vehicles to ensure they have the level of knowledge to repair your vehicle quickly and properly the first time you come in. Because we have such a well-trained and skilled staff, we are able to offer our customers our 1-year/12,000 mile guarantee. We know we will get the repair right the first time you bring it into our auto shop.
Cliff Do, Owner

European Car Repair Shop

This shop specializes in only European makes of cars and trucks. Our original location, A1 Performance Auto Repair in Sunnyvale, got so busy that we needed to open this specialty shop. Both of our locations are thriving now! If you have a Japanese or American make of vehicle, please see our Sunnyvale location for repairs and maintenance.

Factory Service!

$75 OFF
Recommended Factory Maintenance
Complete Inspection & Report
Meets all warranty requirements


Get Your Smog Done

for ONLY $41.75
Plus the Certificate

Safety 1st

All cars receive free cold fogger sanitizer treatment.

Tips for Buying a Used Car

Unlike in the past, buying a used car is as easy as a few clicks for a good deal on a unit that meets your budget and needs. These contemporary used vehicles are more reliable, and hitting the jackpot to find a trouble-free car with a mileage pile of over 100,000 is...

Rusty Brake Rotors and What You Can Do

Rusty brake rotors have started to peek out behind the platinum alloy rims, thanks to the pandemic. Maybe it has been some time since you took the BMW out for a spin, and corrosion and rust are slowly invading the rotors. So what do you do? Drive the Car Rust will...

Can I use Biodiesel in My European Vehicle?

With so much talk about the environment, almost everybody has heard about biodiesel. As we transition from fossil fuels to fully electric vehicles, the focus on biofuels, as a stopgap solution, is growing. Unfortunately, not many motorists know what they are all...

European Green Vehicles Initiative: What It Means

The European Green Vehicles Initiative (EGVI) is a contractual partnership between public and private entities supporting research and innovation regarding green technologies. This is for mobility systems for road transport, including motor vehicles. EGVI succeeded...

Expected Problems with the BMW 3 Series

Inarguably, BMW has carved a niche in the luxury automobiles market. Nonetheless, the brand also has its problems that you should watch out for, especially when buying a used BMW 3 series. For example, the low profile tires and large alloy wheels may produce more road...

This is Why Italian Car Brands are So Popular

The Italians are passionate about automobiles, which can be seen in how some of the most popular brands started. Alfa Romeo was among the first, and which inspired Enzo Ferrari to create the iconic Ferrari. Legend has it that Enzo Ferrari did not take criticism from a...

Common Problems in Older Volvos in Northern California

Volvo is one of the most ambitious brands at the moment. They have plans in place to transition to 50% fully-electric vehicle sales by 2025. A recent reliability index places Volvo at number 27 out of 40 brands. Even though the vehicle is very safety-conscious, there...

5 Reasons European Mechanics are Preferred

In Europe, luxury cars are becoming a trend, with an increasing number of people purchasing high-end vehicles. People are getting higher-paying jobs, and the business is booming in some sectors such as information technology and telecommunications. The high number of...

2018 Mercedes-Benz C-Class: The Most Reliable European Vehicle?

Undoubtedly, it would be a surprise if anything mechanical were to go wrong with a Mercedes-Benz. Their operation in Stuttgart has various mechanical setups in departments to open and close doors and pound the seats thousands of times. This is to guarantee that Merc...

We Now Offer a Free Disinfectant Fogger Service

The coronavirus outbreak has increased the concern about personal hygiene. As a driver, you are advised to disinfect the frequently touched surfaces such as a steering wheel, key fobs, and door handles, among others, to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Some...

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