European Autos

This A1 location specializes in repairs for all European makes and models of cars. We do Bimmer and Audi service, Mercedes and others. We are your European car specialist.

Coupons Deals

Click to see today’s coupon deal for European vehicle repair or maintenance. We always have a special on at A1 Performance European Auto Repair.

European Trucks

This A1 location does repairs for all European makes of trucks. We work on trucks manufactured by Volvo, Mercedes, Mack and others. We are your European truck and van specialist.

Free Towing

Free Towing into our shop is available from any location within 3 miles of our shop. Just give us a call and ask to be towed into our European Car Shop.

Cliff Guarantees It

I personally make sure the repairs made on your automobile are done correctly and need to be done only once. I hire mechanics that are certified in various European makes of vehicles to ensure they have the level of knowledge to repair your vehicle quickly and properly the first time you come in. Because we have such a well-trained and skilled staff, we are able to offer our customers our 1-year/12,000 mile guarantee. We know we will get the repair right the first time you bring it into our auto shop.
Cliff Do, Owner

European Car Repair Shop

This shop specializes in only European makes of cars and trucks. Our original location, A1 Performance Auto Repair in Sunnyvale, got so busy that we needed to open this specialty shop. Both of our locations are thriving now! If you have a Japanese or American make of vehicle, please see our Sunnyvale location for repairs and maintenance.

Factory Service!

$75 OFF
Recommended Factory Maintenance
Complete Inspection & Report
Meets all warranty requirements


Get Your Smog Done

for ONLY $41.75
Plus the Certificate

So, What’s a Bimmer, Anyway?

What’s a Bimmer? A Bimmer is a nickname that owners of BMWs like to call their car. It is an affectionate term, and they are very proud of their Bimmers. But there is a little bit more to this name Bimmer. What’s a Bimmer People who don’t own a BMW car frequently ask...

A-1 Performance Auto Repair Located in San Jose, CA

When you’re looking for the new location of A-1 Performance Auto Repair that specializes in European makes of vehicles, it is in San Jose. It is still the same great mechanical skill and customer service you will find at the Sunnyvale location, but it is European...

Porsche and Volkswagen Service in San Jose CA

You can have your Porsche and Volkswagen services done in San Jose, CA, at A1 Performance Auto Repair European Specialists. Our mechanics work only on European makes of cars and are ASE certified, so you know you’re getting the best mechanics that specialize in your...

Porsche Will Pay Your Electric for 3 years

The European car maker, Porsche, is making some bold moves in their electric car project that takes on the Tesla Model S. Their show car Mission E will soon become a reality, along with some interesting marketing ploys. Porsche Goes Bold The Porsche Mission E will be...

Great Deals on BMW 60K Service

Your BMW 60K service can be $75 off this month at A1 Performance Auto Repair European Specialists. We offer many deals on auto repair for BMW car and truck owners. BMW 60K Service When it is time for your BMW 60K service, check our auto repair deals page to see if...

European Auto Repair San Jose CA

When you own a European make of car or truck, you want it handled with great care. This isn’t a Ford or Chevy, it is special. So, you want to make sure you only allow a European auto repair in San Jose to work on it and do the scheduled maintenance. We completely...

What to Expect for Your BMW 60K Service

When it is time for your BMW 60K service, you’ll receive the same service that you did for your 30K service, with one difference. This service is the Inspection 1 service, to make sure parts are operating as expected. BMW 60K Service The BMW 60K Service is the level 1...

Our Customers Love Us! Read our Yelp Reviews

Take a stroll through the 5-star reviews our customers leave for us on Yelp. A1 Performance Auto Repair European Specialist in San Jose, CA, is loved as much as our original location that operates in Sunnyvale, CA. Yelp Reviews Our customers have left numerous 5-star...

Is It OK to Mix Tires on a Car?

When it is time to upgrade a tire or two, you’re faced with either buying an entire set or replacing just the one tire with a new one. When is it OK to switch out just one tire for a different tire that’s in better shape? Tires Any mechanic that installs tires will...

Perils of Switching to Synthetic Oil Change in Old BMW

There are many advantages to switching from regular motor oil to synthetic when having an oil change. But, is it ok to do this with an older model BMW or other old vehicle? Oil Change Synthetic motor oil has a lot of advantages. It is better for the environment, it...

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