European Autos

This A1 location specializes in repairs for all European makes and models of cars. We do Bimmer and Audi service, Mercedes and others. We are your European car specialist.

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Click to see today’s coupon deal for European vehicle repair or maintenance. We always have a special on at A1 Performance European Auto Repair.

European Trucks

This A1 location does repairs for all European makes of trucks. We work on trucks manufactured by Volvo, Mercedes, Mack and others. We are your European truck and van specialist.

Towing to the Shop

We can tow your vehicle into our shop from anywhere in the San Jose area. Just give us a call and ask to be towed into our San Jose Auto Repair Shop. Call: 408-982-3091.

Cliff Guarantees It

I personally make sure the repairs made on your automobile are done correctly and need to be done only once. I hire mechanics that are certified in various European makes of vehicles to ensure they have the level of knowledge to repair your vehicle quickly and properly the first time you come in. Because we have such a well-trained and skilled staff, we are able to offer our customers our 1-year/12,000 mile guarantee. We know we will get the repair right the first time you bring it into our auto shop.
Cliff Do, Owner

European Car Repair Shop

This shop specializes in only European makes of cars and trucks. Our original location, A1 Performance Auto Repair in Sunnyvale, got so busy that we needed to open this specialty shop. Both of our locations are thriving now! If you have a Japanese or American make of vehicle, please see our Sunnyvale location for repairs and maintenance.

Factory Service!

$75 OFF
Recommended Factory Maintenance
Complete Inspection & Report
Meets all warranty requirements


Get Your Smog Done

for ONLY $41.75
Plus the Certificate

Safety 1st

All cars receive free cold fogger sanitizer treatment.

Why BMW 120i (2018) is Quite Popular

The 120i replaced the 3-Series compact model and has become one of the most popular hatchbacks from BMW. The 120i has been a popular choice for individuals and companies looking for a premium badge on a reliable hatchback. The 120i hatchback has established its...

Land Rover Defender in the US

After its quarter-century absence in the US market, which was quite unfortunate, Land Rover Defender has finally reentered the competitive rugged SUV market with the 2020 Defender. In fact, Defender is inarguably one of the most attractive and serious off-roading...

Faulty Handbrake of the Vauxhall Astra Cars (And How to Fix It)

Vauxhall Astra is a common staple of most roads in the US and Europe, and its nature and longevity is irresistible for gearheads that appreciate quality. Its iconic model, Nova Sport, is one of the most sought-after classics based on speed and overall quality. On its...

Benefits of Having a European Car

No doubt, American brands have upped their game with such models as The V-Series Cadillacs giving European models such as RS Audis a run for their money. But it's a Mercedes AMG sedan and other European autos which better indicates class and good taste. It is just how...

Germany and a History of Quality Automobiles

The day the first automobile appeared in Europe it was Carl Friedrich Benz who invented it in the late 1880s. As you can guess, Benz was German. The Mercedes-Benz founder was a mechanical engineer and entrepreneur and one of the most successful names in the history of...

Greece Has the Cheapest Cars in Europe

With such iconic beauties as the Audi R8 V10 Plus, Polestar 1, and Volkswagen Arteon R Line, Europe is indisputably the home of the most elegant automobiles on the planet. As a result, it would be an uphill task to convince someone that you can find affordable...

Do People Still Import European Cars Themselves?

The elegant British and Italian sports cars entered the US during through servicemen returning home from Europe. This was during the Second World War. Until 1967, there were no legal restrictions for individuals importing vehicles themselves. Out of this, the British...

Why the Fiat 500 is So Irresistible

The Fiat 500 has iconic status as a practical and inexpensive small city vehicle. The reincarnated 1957 model burst into the scene when its Italian manufacturer was struggling to stay afloat. And with the same essence and charm of the original classic, the 500...

How to Clean Cloudy Headlights

Clouded headlights may be the only thing standing between you and a sparkling Volvo. But what causes cloudy headlights, and how do you clean them? Why do the Headlights Become Cloudy? While the polycarbonate plastic on most headlight lenses is robust to take abuse...

Blown Fuses in Volvo Models

Volvo models have for a long time maintained a top tier status in the automotive market around the world. But despite its popularity, the model is notorious for specific issues. Some of the Volvo models have primary repair issues specific to them, such as blown fuses....

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