A clicking noise in the car can drive you mad when you’re trying to figure it out. Is it coming from the steering wheel or engine? No, it seems to be coming from the wheel, well, maybe. You’re not sure. All you know is that there really is a clicking noise and something is going to happen because of it, you just know it.

Clicking Noise in Car

There are many things that can cause a clicking noise in a car. So, here are some of the most common reasons you’ll hear clicking when you’re driving your car.

Clicking Noise and Won’t Start

If you’re trying to start your car and you hear a clicking noise, the most likely culprit is the starter, especially when the battery is fine. If the battery is not fine then suspect the alternator is the real problem especially if interior lights and dashboard light is dim or acting odd. If it is just dead to the world then you need a new battery probably.

Clicking or Popping from the Wheel

If the clicking is coming from your wheel (not the steering wheel) then you might have a worn out or damaged CV joint. When the CV joint is damaged, the axle will start clicking as the wheel turns.

Engine Clicking

When the clicking is coming from the engine and it gets faster and louder when you rev the engine, suspect there is a valve issue going on. You should first check the oil, though. If you have a leak and are low on oil, this sound can happen.

Clicking from the Rear

Clicking coming from the rear of the car could be due to a damage rotor. As the brake pad comes around it hits the damaged spot which causes a click.

See Us Soon

If any of these clicking noises are happening in your European make of car, stop in and see us soon. We will take a look to discover its true cause and get it repaired quickly.

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