Did you know that according to Statista, Mercedes Benz is the best-selling European automotive brand in the US? But this does not come so much of a surprise for most Benz fads, who have gotten used to the firsts.

Taking the lion’s share of Benz’s popularity rank is the posh and powerful GLS-class SUV. But what is there to love about the star-symbolled SUV?

Classy and Comfortable

As expected of a high-end Benz, the 2022 GLS-class comes with a luxurious and tech-laden cabin to make you feel that you’re in a premium automobile. The GLS class has generous space that can comfortably seat up to seven.

Typically, Espresso Brown combined with black leather upholstery or even the Cirrus Silver and Night appearance package are on the list of theme options you can choose from.

But if you are up for more luxury, the Executive Rear Seat Plus package adds plusher headrests and massage seats. This transforms the second-row seats into a zone of luxury and relaxation.

Smooth and Powerful Performance

The performance of the GLS complements its great looks with a silky and smooth experience. This is from a 362-hp turbo inline-6 mated with a 48-volt hybrid system powertrain for the GLS450. But the GLS580, with its twin-turbo 4.0-liter V-8, is more powerful.

GLS’ fluidity on the highway makes you look forward to the everyday commute – a touch of fun to the daily schedule. The air suspension and all-wheel drive are standard features that add to the satisfying on-road demeanor.

The GLS also leverages the E-Active Body Control system that uses cameras to scan for potholes. It then adjusts the suspension, so the driver and passengers are unbothered by undulating surfaces.

The Benz SUV’s performance on the twisty sections is excellent and effortless. It does not have any pronounced body roll you expect in most SUVs.

So, what makes the GLS SUV so popular? Well, your guess is as good as mine; class, comfort, power, and more.

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