Now, more than ever before, there are more hybrid vehicle owners in this age of environmental consciousness. People and authorities are working together to reduce greenhouse gases and reduce or reverse the harmful effects to Mother Nature.

Similar to any other vehicle, a hybrid vehicle owner will need to be prepared for its common maintenance needs. No doubt the hybrids are fuel-efficient and enjoyable, but regular service is critical to ensure peak performance. They need general maintenance services and a bit more.

Weak Batteries

Compared to the standard vehicle battery in your older gas engine car, the hybrid batteries are a bit weaker and need replacement sooner. It’s something that you will notice over time.

Typically, the hybrid vehicle owners spend less on gas, and depending on their driving habits, the cost of replacing the battery may be less. Nonetheless, it doesn’t hurt to be prepared.

How You Know the Hybrid Battery is Dying

Familiarize yourself with the telltale symptoms of a dying battery in your hybrid car. These signs are somewhat different from those of a standard gas-powered vehicle, making them easier to miss.

One of the battery’s primary roles in a hybrid system is to provide sufficient energy to burn the fuel. A failing battery will significantly reduce fuel economy, and your vehicle reverts to the gas combustion engine as the primary source of power. This increases the number of gas station stops.

You will also notice the battery is not holding a charge as it used to. You leave your fully charged vehicle overnight only to meet a low battery notification. If this happens, your car needs a good amount of diagnostic attention. All is not well with your hybrid powerhouse.

Fluctuations in the state of charge are another sign that all may not be well with your battery. It may show completely charged at one time and empty a few moments later. The hybrid battery could be overcharging and losing the ability to hold a charge for longer.

If you notice some strange behavior with the battery or the functioning of the engine, bring it A1 Performance to run diagnostics. Happy driving!

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