The traffic signs you see on the highway have considerable significance. They relay specific and often vital information to every road user. A driver may not immediately spot the symbols or wordings on road signs. But the shape and color scheme of a road sign will always be visible at reasonable distances.

Various road sign shapes exist. However, the triangle road sign is quite interesting. It can convey different warnings with variations in its orientation and shape.

The Triangle Road Sign

A triangle road sign is a warning sign. It is capable of relaying different warnings when it is oriented and shaped. They are as described below.

Sideward facing (Or Pennants):  It is a triangle road sign that faces the side. The pennant road sign is for “No passing Zone” warnings. It means Drivers are not allowed to move into the adjacent lane to pass a vehicle in front (overtaking). It warns drivers to stay in their lane as passing is unsafe.

Upward Facing Triangles:

This sign incorporates a range of warning signs having a black image on a white background.

Some of these include T Junction, Crossroad, and Gentle curve. Others are Sharp curves, winding roads, Y junction, and animal warning signs.

Downward facing:

A triangle road sign of this configuration means ‘Yield’ and is easily identifiable due to the sides edged in red on a white background.

This sign means you should allow other drivers to go first, hence its placement at intersections where the issue of the right of way generally arises. It also prepares you for encountering pedestrians and cyclists that may use the road alongside you.

The color scheme of signs is also important. For example, triangle road signs that are colored red or triangle road signs with red borders must be obeyed by road users, as they are regulatory in the US. On the other hand, yellow road signs are simply advisory.

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