The Alfa Romeo Mito has iconic status as a family vehicle. However, certain problems are specific to the model, such as timing chain issues.

The Timing Chain Problem

Typically, the Multijet engines are the most affected by the timing chain issues. There has been a trend where vehicle manufacturers such as Alfa Romeo have been going back to the engine designs that used timing chains. The main reason for the transition has been that timing chains are pretty reliable, as long as you are changing the engine oil regularly.

Over time, the timing chain will stretch beyond its capability of tensioner’s adjustment, causing it to rattle. When this happens, the engine’s timing becomes erratic. If the driver continues to ignore the issue, the timing chain can snap and cause other engine problems.

The 1248cc Multijet engine, common in Alfa Romeo, Vauxhall, and Ford applications, can be affected by the timing chain premature failure.

Causes of the Timing Chain Problem

The bolts holding the tensioner in place can come loose and cause the chain to rattle and eventually snap. In most cases, the chain and tensioner issues can be from lack of servicing, wrong oil, low oil pressure, or oil feed.

The Symptoms of a Timing Chain Problem

The most common symptom is usually the rattling of the chain on cold starts. The rattling reduces as the engine warms up. Typically, the rattling noise often goes unnoticed because the driver thinks it’s normal.

If this continues, the chain may skip a few teeth and significantly affect engine power and performance. It is usually at this point that you are forced to take the vehicle to a service center. On the other hand, the chain may snap, and the only option is the back of a truck to the repair shop.

Chain problems can cause significant issues such as substantial damage to the engine camshafts, cylinder heads, valves, and rockers, which will cost you an arm and leg to repair.

Contact us when you notice an unusual engine noise or reduced engine power and torque. Don’t wait until it’s too late.

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