The automotive industry is evolving at a bruising speed, and thanks to advanced technology, vehicles have become technological wonders. Gone are the days when you had to persevere through a drive and give a deep sigh of relief when you arrived. Some modern vehicles are a more comfy space than your home.

The advent of AI, 5G, and other innovations have the lion’s share of the automotive industry’s transformations and are changing how drivers interact with their cars.

The Role of AI and 5G

The primary objective of artificial Intelligence is to replicate human decision-making and thinking, and it is getting better at it. The AI-powered applications in the automotive industry are far-reaching and exciting. While the earlier AI systems were restricted to cruise control and parking, the newer models have some level of autonomous driving. We’re headed to a time your vehicle will chauffeur you to wherever you want to go.

AI algorithms in auto manufacturing are helping create more efficient and safer vehicles. The AI-powered driver assistance systems can help drivers respond faster to their environments. The systems can keep your trusty sedan or SUV at a safe distance and manage lane changing.

On the other side of the spectrum is 5G, which is also helping the industry make significant leaps. 5G provides super-fast data speeds and low latency to improve the driving experience. Through 5G, the creation of new connected applications and services is becoming a reality. The 5G connectivity will support the internet of things, big data, and AI.

The internet of things, in particular, is anticipated to interconnect more than 250 million cars. The IoT network will connect smartphones, road infrastructures, and pedestrians. Emergency response services will use the IoT network to pick the fastest route to avoid traffic snarl-ups.

The car industry has seen many changes in the last half-decade with artificial intelligence, the internet of things, and 5G. Things will only improve in terms of safety, lower fuel emissions, comfort and driving experience. Driving your car will only get more exciting and pleasurable.

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