Getting a rental car is all about convenience when traveling in Europe. But before you can get that rental car, here are a few things that should be at your fingertips.

An International Driver’s Permit is Vital

Countries that require an international driver’s permit include Greece, Italy, Germany, Slovenia, Spain, Poland, Austria, Hungary, and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Some rental car companies will ask to see your passport, confirmation number, driver’s license, credit card, and international driver’s permit. Well, your International Drivers Permit contains your driver’s information and photograph. It also translates your driver’s license into ten different languages.

Please note that the permit is not a replacement for your passport or driver’s license, but rather a supplement.

A Vignette

You will need to buy a vignette if you are driving into countries that require it. However, you don’t need to purchase a vignette if you are driving from a country that requires it.

Typically, a vignette is a sticker on your windshield to show you have complied with highway tax. You can purchase a vignette at border crossings or gas stations nearby. The cost of the vignette can be between €3 and €10, depending on the location.

Failure to purchase a vignette can leave you with 60€ or more in penalties, which is a shot on the foot while on an adventure in Europe. Some of the countries that you will need to buy a vignette include Romania, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Austria, Switzerland, Slovenia, Hungary, and Bulgaria.

Restrictions on the Countries you Can Drive into

Some rental companies will have restrictions in place as to the countries you can drive into. For example, most of the companies will forbid you from driving into countries that are not within the EU fold. These include Albania, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, and Croatia.

The restrictions can vary between countries. Shop around for those that don’t have regulations in place for the countries that you want to visit.

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