Electric cars are becoming less expensive and widely available. More people are interested in buying them, especially if you live in California. There are many benefits (aside from environmental) to switching to an EV.

These include improved efficiency, affordable energy costs, minimal maintenance, and impressive overall performance (Hint: 0-60 acceleration times). However, making the switch from gas to electric is a significant step. Make sure you do your homework and ask the relevant questions before jumping in.

Asking the Right Questions

The most vital consideration when transitioning from Gasoline to electric vehicles is range.

Many of today’s EVs offer over 200 miles of range on a charge, though there are still some that have much less. Tesla is currently the only mainstream automaker that manufactures EVs with over 300 miles of range. While this may be enough for most people, it is wise to anticipate having less than the car’s EPA range to be safe. If you travel over 200 miles daily, you may want to avoid most EVs.

While home charging is the most convenient way to juice up your electric car, you’ll probably need to charge on the road. Some public charging stations offer DC fast charging, which permits rapid charging. You can charge some EVs to 80% in less than 30 minutes at a fast-charging station. However, there are many factors involved. Tesla owners, for example, have exclusive access to the Supercharger network, which includes fast-charging stations strategically located nationwide.

Overall, electric cars require less maintenance than gas-powered cars. There are virtually no fluids to change, and the friction brakes last longer since regenerative braking assists with stopping the vehicle. An EV’s battery and motor have the potential to last longer than the life of the car. In the rare event that an EV’s battery needs replacing, it can cost up to $16,000 without labor.

Keep in mind warranties can be packed with exceptions and exclusions, so make sure you understand what’s covered. However, if want your EV checked out, our experienced team at A1 Performance European Auto Repair is up to the task for the best service. Give us a call today, and be glad you did.

Image Courtesy of Tesla, Inc, creator of the most popular electric vehicle in 2021: the Tesla model Y.

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