When the ignition switch starts to fail, it can cause some interesting symptoms. And you might be broken down suddenly and left in the middle of traffic. Here are some signs your ignition switch needs replacing right away.

Stalling While Driving

You could be driving down the road and suddenly your car stalls without warning. This is a typical problem of the ignition switch failing. It will cut off power to the fuel systems and you can’t drive without fuel.

Start and Stall

Your car will start but as soon as the cranking is done your car will stall. It will be impossible to get it to continue to run, as the switch only works in the cranking position.

Interior Lights Don’t Work

One sign of a failing ignition switch is when interior lights and the center console no longer work. This can be a sign of a failing alternator, writing issues and a burned-out fuse. So, if it isn’t a fuse or alternator, check the ignition switch. After that you’ll need to start going through the laborious process of checking the wiring.

Lack of Sound

When you turn the key you should hear a sound of the starter motor starting. If you hear no sounds at all then it’s likely the ignition switch that’s the problem. If the starter has gone bad then it will make a clicking sound.

Where to Receive a Diagnosis

If your European make of car is having difficulties, bring it to A1 Performance Auto Repair European Specialists. We are experienced in the troubles that happen with European makes of cars. We will be able to quickly diagnose a problem with your ignition switch or other part that makes similar symptoms. Give us a call for an appointment. We hope you see you soon.

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