There are many ways you can save gas while you’re driving. Some are a little obvious, but others are a bit of a surprise. Here are some ways to get more miles per gallon with your car or truck.

How to Save Gas While Driving

Probably the most obvious way how to save gas while driving is to slow down. It takes a lot less gas to drive 50mph than it does 80mph. So, stick to driving the speed limit and drive even slower when possible. Here are some more tips.

Timely Oil Changes

Having clean oil and a clean oil filter will allow your engine to operate at peak efficiency. This means it’ll take less gas to drive.

Chill Out

Sudden moves you’ll make when tailgating the car in front of you requires a lot more gas. So, relax and keep a hefty distance between you and the car in front of you. So, stop putting yourself in the mind of the Little Old Lady from Pasadena.

Tire Pressure

Make sure your tires at set at the correct pressure. When they are too low or too high, they’ll take it out on the mpg.

Air Filter

Make sure your air filter is clean. If you drive on dusty roads, you’ll need to replace it more often than the manual indicates.

Don’t be a Squirrel

Do you drive like a squirrel that you just surprised? Don’t suddenly take off like a squirrel deciding to run across the road. Ease into the gas pedal to become one with movement. You’ll arrive at your destination at the exact same time but have more gas in your tank when you get there.

A1 Performance Auto Repair European Specialists

We hope these tips will help you improve your mpg to help you save gas while driving. Be sure to do your regular maintenance on time. Give us a call for your next oil change.

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