Mercedes Benz in a global partnership with Avatar Films has created a sustainable car of the future. During the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) of 2020, a portion of the Las Vegas Strip was shut down for the Mercedes Benz VISION AVTR to take a drive.


The VISION AVTR is a concept vehicle that connects human, machine and nature in a way that is sustainable for a vehicle of the future. The connection to the movie is that the Avatar films show a society that is functioning in a completely sustainable way. So this became the inspiration for this concept car.

Watch the video of VISION AVTR’s drive back and forth on the Las Vegas Strip as James Cameron talks with Ola Kallenius about the movie and the inspirations behind this Mercedes Benz concept vehicle. Others give information about the vehicle later in the video, as well.

A “Living” Vehicle

One of the most interesting features of VISION AVTR is the section of 33 “bionic” flaps on the rear of the car that are a bit like reptile scales. Each of these scales communicate with the driver with their subtle movements.

This car mimics an animal with its ability to move forward and backward, but also from side to side. So, the day is now here where we can parallel park with ease. Just tell it to scoot right in there from the side. New York wannabee drivers all give a huge sigh of relief.

Another amazing feature is that the battery is completely recyclable, something that is unheard of today. When the battery is finished and no longer can be used, you can compost it.


This is only a concept vehicle and if it ever does come to market, it is likely to be quite a bit different that it is today. But it serves its purpose for promotion of Avatar Films and exploring sustainable technologies for Mercedes Benz.

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