Volvo S80 is a classy sedan that hit the market in the spring of 1998. It was the first Volvo model to debut with recognizable tail lamps and a larger and more curvaceous design.

The S80 is beloved in the US because of its healthier and clean cabin environment, and it is also one of the popular internal combustion vehicles with the least environmental harm. But despite its various accolades, the Volvo may have some issues with the potential to ground it. Your S80 needs the occasional TLC to keep it in tip-top condition.

Steering Wheel Module (SWM) Malfunction

Sometimes, the steering wheel module on your Volvo S80 can be pretty temperamental and may stop working at a moment’s notice. It is prone to total failure.

Typically, you know that you have a steering module malfunction on your hands when the audio buttons, horn, turn signal, and cruise control goes on strike. A steering wheel malfunction is not hard to miss.

Remember that other issues like a faulty clockspring or problems with the steering wheel connections may have similar symptoms.

So, what do you do about the SWM malfunction?

Sometimes, disconnecting the battery may solve the issue, but it’s a temporary fix. The module eventually goes dead. Replacing fuse #23 resets the system, and the steering wheel module may start working well as before.

If the suggested fixes fail, replacing the module is the only way around the issue. It won’t cost you an arm and a leg and doesn’t take much time.

While you may attempt a DIY with the installation, the process is a bit technical. Why don’t you bring the Volvo S80 to us at A1 Performance Auto Repair and let us fix it? It’ll save you from the hassle of trial and error and won’t take much of your time.

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