Volvo is one of the most ambitious brands at the moment. They have plans in place to transition to 50% fully-electric vehicle sales by 2025. A recent reliability index places Volvo at number 27 out of 40 brands. Even though the vehicle is very safety-conscious, there are various issues reported.

If you are planning on purchasing an older Volvo, here are some of the problems you may encounter.

Problem with the Cooling Fan Module

A couple of years ago, the manufacturer recalled Volvo vehicles to fix the cooling fan module. This was after buyers reported problems associated with the cooling fan system.

The cooling fan module regulates the temperature of various parts of the vehicle, including the a/c system that blows fresh air into the cabin. There are multiple reasons for a cooling fan module becoming faulty, such as wiring problems and other cooling system defects.

Problems with Gearbox

There are reports that part of the shift mechanism can come loose and cause jamming problems in the gearbox. Another common shifting problem is with Aisin AW AF33 transmissions characterized by hesitation and then banging into gear.

Usually, the problem is the B4 servo, which serves as a weak link. Replacing the part is inexpensive and only takes about an hour.

Problems in the Fuel Pump

An improperly attached fuel line is a common problem with older Volvos. Volvo vehicles’ maintenance schedule for the replacement of fuel filters is usually 105K or 120K mile. The extended interval may be the main problem.

To avoid pump failures, we usually recommend changing fuel filters at intervals of 30k or 60K. A dirty or clogged filter usually makes the work of the pump much harder. This results in premature wear and eventual failure.

If you are having problems with your Volvo, our certified technicians at A1 Performance European Auto Repair will be more than happy to help you. Contact us today!

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