Your BMW’s power steering wheel is the bee’s knees of driving performance. You cannot drive completely straight or enjoy the legendary BMW smooth curves when there are issues with your power steering wheel.

Issues with the power steering system often stem from the power steering fluid leak. Therefore, maintain it at proper levels, and have it checked regularly if you want to keep the BMW on the road for longer.

Symptoms of a Power Steering Wheel Leak

A dangerously low steering fluid compromises your BMW’s steering performance.

You may not notice some discrepancies while driving down long stretches, but you’ll do on shorter ones and when parking.

While some will overlook the issues, doing so may exacerbate the problem by damaging the steering rack – which may cost an arm and leg to repair or replace.

Unusual Noises During Steering

When steering, unusual squealing and other disturbing noises are typical with old BMWs when the steering fluid is low.

This squealing, groan, or a dull whine appears when turning on low speeds or when parking.

Leaking Fluid

Drops of oil beneath your beloved auto should be investigated where they come from.

Wipe down the reservoir and the lines and check if you suspect the steering system. It is vital to be sure.

Low Fluid Levels

Consistently low fluid levels are the best indication of a leak.

The steering system is sealed, and there are no other reasons for low steering fluid except a leak.

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