When you drive a European car or truck, a brake repair special is an excellent way to help keep costs down. A1 Performance Auto Repair European Specialists has specials frequently to replace your pads or brakes.

Brake Repair Specials

Check our Deals page every month to see our upcoming promotions on European auto repair. You’ll notice that we usually have a brake repair special happening. If not this month, it’ll be back on next month.

Signs Your Brakes Need Repair

There are signs that happen slowly over time that will let you know your brakes are in need of some attention. Like most other things in life, if you catch it early it’ll save you a lot of money and trouble. So, act fast if you have been seeing some of these symptoms.

Pulling When Braking

When you press the brake and it pulls to the left or right, that is a good indication the brakes need to be checked. It could be a caliper is not working properly making your braking lopsided. Or it could mean a bad brake hose.

Burning Chemical Smell

If you see or smell smoke and/or smell a burning chemical, you should pull over right away and let your brakes cool down. There could be one of a variety of issues going on that have caused one or more of your brakes to seriously overheat. Allowing it to get so hot your brake fluid boils can cause brake failure.

Spongy Brake Pedal

When your brake pedal goes nearly to the floor when you press it or it feels very spongy, get your brakes checked right away. The master cylinder could be failing, your brakes are completely shot or there’s air in the brakes. All of those things need immediate attention.

See Our Deals

Check our Deals and Coupons Page right now to see if we have a brake repair special going on. Then give us a call for an appointment. We hope to see you soon.

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