Your BMW 60K service is probably coming up soon, if you’ve owned your car for about 5 years or so for the average driver. In California, it might be more like 3 years, though. Cali drivers like to take it to the road whenever possible! Here is what to expect for your 60K checkup.

BMW 60K Service

Your BMW 60K service is really just another 30K service, it is just your second one. So, you can expect all the same things will be checked. At 60,000 miles, it is a lot more likely there could be a repair or something put on the watch list, but BMWs are known for holding up well and having a good long life.

Ultimate Service Package

The Ultimate Service Package won’t cover your 60K service. Sad, but true. The free maintenance program ends at 50,000 miles if your BMW is a 2016 or earlier model. The situation is worse if your car is 2017 or after. BMW cut back on what they offer with this program. Maintenance is covered up until 30,000 miles only and repairs are not covered at all anymore. Tragic, isn’t it? So, what does this mean for you going forward?

While you won’t be getting these services for free anymore, you don’t have to pay exorbitant dealer pricing. You can get an excellent mechanic that specializes in European makes, and BMWs in particular, in a private shop like A1 Performance Auto Repair European Specialist. This is a repair shop that is owned by a family guy that loves European cars.

Keep an eye on our specials page to get a discount when you come in. As of this writing today, if it is your first time at our shop, you will receive a 25% discount on labor.

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