European vehicles are for the chosen few: people in an elite club of car fads that appreciate luxury, performance, and style.

But with great taste for the best driving comes great responsibility. It’s the way of the automotive universe! That means having the right automotive insurance to protect your investment.

Here’s a brief guide to help you navigate the long-winding maze of auto insurance.

Basic Coverage VS Comprehensive Coverage

The first step to insuring your vehicle correctly is understanding the difference between a basic and comprehensive cover.

With a basic cover, you acquire the minimum amount of law-required insurance. This often includes liability insurance to cover injury to others and their property or injury.

But comprehensive coverage adds more protection for your automobile by covering damage caused by theft, accidents, and other events.

Factors that Affect the Insurance Premium for Your European Vehicle

Some factors to be aware of regarding your European vehicle may affect your insurance premium. So, which are these factors?

Your vehicle make, model, location, and driving history determine how much you pay to insure your European car. European models always have a higher budget to insure because they’re also more expensive to repair.

In a nutshell …

  • Expect to pay less for insurance if your driving record is spotless. Safe drivers pay less, and the opposite is true for careless driving.
  • Your premiums will be higher if you live in an accident-prone area or where theft cases are high.
  • Extra features such as roadside assistance will also add to your premiums. Do you need glass coverage or rental car coverage? All these added features will cost more.
  • Typically, shop around for the best insurance coverage for your European vehicle, and then compare quotes and the offered features and settle for the best carrier. The best vehicles require the best cover! And, of course, the best repair and service shop.

Contact us at A1 Performance European Auto for all your service and repair needs for your European vehicle.

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