The 120i replaced the 3-Series compact model and has become one of the most popular hatchbacks from BMW. The 120i has been a popular choice for individuals and companies looking for a premium badge on a reliable hatchback.

The 120i hatchback has established its reputation on a smooth ride, standout aesthetics, and efficient handling.


In the past, acquiring an entry-level European vehicle was frowned upon, mainly because it meant sitting on the bottom step of the premium staircase. But that’s in the past, and things have changed in the automotive industry. Big brands such as BMW have branched out to serve the younger and ambitious customers with models such as the 120i.

But 120i is more than just affordability. It is inarguably one of the most stylish, comfortable, and reliable hatchbacks on the market. An entry-level executive with an ambition to scale the corporate ladder would easily find 120i as the ideal car, blending a premium badge, affordability, and reliability. Its chassis and overall appearance are charming, and it’s understandable why it’s so popular.


The fabric of the 2018 BMW 120i is an elegant black and pearl leather, which strikes a chord with entry-level executives.

The hatchback assures riding comfort through a dual-zone climate control system. Other desirable features that make for a convenient and comfortable ride include the digital radio, six-speaker radio, voice control, and smartphone connectivity.


BMW 120i packs plenty of power under the hood, with a 2.0L turbo petrol 4-cylinder engine with an output of 135kW/ 270 Nm. Its 8-speed transmission makes the ride smoother.

While the 120i does not feel electrifying on the highway, it is not slow either. The hatchback has four selectable drive modes, with each adjusting the transmission and engine for optimal performance. For example, the Eco mode enhances performance by dialing back acceleration responses.

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