Get in touch with your inner mechanic’s nose. Drive like you’ve got a big ol’ schnoz on duty 24/7, checking every single whiff that comes your way. Most of the time that is the scent of a dairy farm, an oil refinery, or what the squirrel left in the back of your car. But sometimes, just sometimes, you’ll smell there is trouble afoot.

When to Call Us at A1 Performance

If this is the smell that suggests your car is toast, then your car might be toast. If you’re driving along and think, what’s that smell? Why does it smell like toast in here? You might be smelling burning insulation from an electrical short. Park it and call us for a tow into the shop.

When rotten eggs is the smell and you know you didn’t make it and the hubby isn’t in the car with you, then it’s likely the smell of an exhaust problem. Make an appointment with us right away to get that repaired.

An irritating, sharp smell is probably burning motor oil. That smell is the warning that your engine will burst into flames at some point in the somewhat near future. Call us immediately. Have the car towed in.

If you can’t start the car and you smell gas, you’ve probably flooded the engine. Give it 5 minutes, try again, but don’t press the gas pedal and it’ll probably start right up. With newer cars it’s probably an ignition problem, so have it towed into the shop.

The smell of burning resin likely means you are driving with the handbrake on. Stop the car, release that brake and drive. The smell should go away immediately.

A sweet smell that’s persistent is probably a coolant leak. This means your car will overheat when your coolant gets low. Give us a call for an appointment and don’t drive until the problem is resolved.

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