When it is time for your BMW 60K service, you’ll receive the same service that you did for your 30K service, with one difference. This service is the Inspection 1 service, to make sure parts are operating as expected.

BMW 60K Service

The BMW 60K Service is the level 1 inspection. You will have additional parts checked with this inspection and your mechanic will likely take your car for a test drive. This is an important service as it is a thorough check that will likely catch most problems that are showing the subtle signs of needing repair. Having this check will usually catch those things early, so you don’t end up broken down on the side the road.

A1 Performance Auto Repair European Specialists

We are specialists in the maintenance and repair of BMWs. We understand how much your love your Bimmer and we go the extra mile to make sure it stays in proper working order.

Save Cash on Your BMW Service

We have very fair rates on our services to start with, but you can sometimes save a little more cash by using one of our specials. Check our Deals page to see the most current specials for common repairs and maintenance for European cars and trucks.

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Call for Your Recommended Maintenance

Call for an appointment when it is time for your BMW 60K Service. This particular service takes a lot of time and we’ll need you to leave the car so that we can do a thorough check. We look forward to meeting you and working on your BMW.

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