European vehicles have a reputation for quality and performance. But eventually, you may get used to the ‘new normal’ performance, and you want more than the stock form.

You’re also the kind of driver who desires to make a statement on the road, and you want to turn heads as you zip past other vehicles.

Performance mods for your European car can provide the needed boost to take your driving experience to a higher level.

But just because you’re ready with a stash of cash doesn’t mean everything is tunable. Know what to upgrade and what to leave.

Tips on Enhancing Performance with Modifications

  • Do you need better handling? Power? Or is it something to do with the looks? Some of us want a sporty or aggressive face. Once you know what to beef up, the possibilities are endless.
  • Engine tuning: tuning the engine is one of the most popular tune-ups because it gives you more power and torque. The engine mod can also improve fuel efficiency and throttle response.
    • Engine tuning can include reflashing the ECU or installing a performance chip. We usually advise people tuning their engines to avoid going too far with the power.
  • Suspension upgrades: upgrading the springs, shocks, and sway bars can improve the vehicle’s handling and looks. Suspension upgrades can give better overall stability and enhance the driving experience.
    • Lowering the vehicle is also part of the upgrades, which gives your ride a more aggressive stance. Don’t lower it too much, or you’ll scrape your underbelly at every bump.
  • Exterior modifications: a new exhaust system, body kit, wheels, and tires can just be what your vehicle was missing to stand out in traffic. However, ensure that the exterior mods you have in mind are legal. Consult your professional mechanic for this.
  • Interior modifications: your cabin and interior could also do with some upgrades. These include the upholstery, steering wheel, dash, and other interior features for a more luxurious feel.

Of course, all these modifications can quickly add up, so setting a budget is vital.

If you have issues with your European model, contact us at A1 Performance European Auto Repair.

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