When it is time to upgrade a tire or two, you’re faced with either buying an entire set or replacing just the one tire with a new one. When is it OK to switch out just one tire for a different tire that’s in better shape?


Any mechanic that installs tires will tell you that the ideal situation is to replace all four tires and to not swap out just one tire. Your car needs the tires to wear evenly and putting a brand new, different brand and different tread tire on a car with 3 well-worn tires isn’t necessarily the best thing to do.

Cars will wear tires unevenly sometimes, because there are parts that are wearing differently around the car and that’s why we rotate the tires periodically. But a strangely worn tire thrown in the mix might give you a bumpy ride or be a bit noisy when you drive.

That being said, if you have fairly new tires and one got damaged and cannot be repaired, you’ll, of course, change out just that one. It is best to pick the same brand and type of tire that you have on the rest of the car and choose the same model of tire. Match the tire model and manufacturer. If that isn’t possible to do, as when your tire is now discontinued, try to match the same speed rating, handling and traction characteristics.

Choosing a tire that is not the same speed rating, handling and traction characteristics will work to get you on the road again, but it is not going to handle weather or an emergency very well. It is important you don’t use it any longer than is absolutely necessary.

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