Your high-end European car deserves a bit of TLC to keep up the value and appearance. Protecting the paint job of your Ferrari or Lamborghini is critical, but there are a few other steps that you can take to keep it clean and the envy of everyone on the highway.

Choose the Right Cleaning Product

Scooping some dish soap into the bucket from the kitchen is easy, but not enough. You need to take some time to research different products and brands. Of course, there is a car washing soap for the high-end brand of vehicle that you drive, and you should stick by it.

Dish soap or any other cleaner that you pick from the bathroom drawer may strip the paint job or wax. If that happens, you will have a hard time convincing your buddies that your Maserati is only a few years old.

Check the abrasiveness of the cleaning cloth and have separate piles for every intention. For example, don’t mix the cleaning items for car windows with those of wheels or paint job. The specially formulated auto window cleaner will not damage the tint like the household glass cleaner.

Deal with Swirls, Scratches, and Oxidation

Stubborn contaminants such as tree sap, areas of oxidation, and scratches can prove a hard nut to crack. This is usually the time to call in the Calvary in the form of a clay bar. Keep in mind that this is a bit extreme but quite useful. Typically, the clay bar will strip the wax to get an original smooth feel.

Use applicator pad compounds to remove scratches, and conditioning oils should come towards the end for optimal gloss restoration.

Wax your Car

Waxing your car protects it from the harmful rays of the sun. Choose polymer wax or carnauba wax and finish up with a spray detailer. Your BMW should now be ready for a spin.

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