Unlike in the past, buying a used car is as easy as a few clicks for a good deal on a unit that meets your budget and needs. These contemporary used vehicles are more reliable, and hitting the jackpot to find a trouble-free car with a mileage pile of over 100,000 is not hard.

And there are plenty of benefits to purchasing a used car. For example, it will save you a significant chunk on registration, car insurance, depreciation, and taxes, and you can acquire a dream model at a pocket-friendly price tag.

Here’s How You Go About Picking a Used Vehicle

Set a Budget

There are two ways to finance your choice of a used car: taking out a loan or paying cash. If you are taking out a loan, the repayments should not exceed 20% of your take-home pay. You may want to spend even a lesser amount if on a tight budget. Used cars demand a little more care and attention from time to time, and there are also other costs such as insurance and fuel.

If you are going the cash way, don’t empty all your savings on just the purchase. Set aside some money for insurance, registration, and possible repairs.

Choose a Reliable Vehicle

The fun part of buying a used car is, of course, in picking one. Sit down and decide what you need the car for. How are you going to use it?

If you have a family, sufficient cabin space and storage will come in handy. Draw a list of must-have features, narrow it down to a few models, and search for them on reputable websites such as craigslist, AutoList and AutoTrader.

When you finally find a good unit, look it up in a pricing guide to determine its value. Knowing the price in advance helps with negotiations.

Check the Vehicle History

Run a vehicle history report from AutoCheck or Carfax before contacting the seller. Check if it has a clean title, how many times it has changed hands, and whether it had serious accidents.

Contact A1 Performance if you need help with buying a used car.

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