The Italians are passionate about automobiles, which can be seen in how some of the most popular brands started. Alfa Romeo was among the first, and which inspired Enzo Ferrari to create the iconic Ferrari. Legend has it that Enzo Ferrari did not take criticism from a wealthy farmer well and he gave a nasty reply. The farmer, Lamborghini, decided to give a piece of his mind by establishing his supercar brand.

High-performance vehicles are in the fabric of Italian culture, which is one reason they are so popular. Here are more reasons.

Creative Personality

The Italian designers and engineers have excelled in project practicality, delivery, reliability, and rust prevention – skills developed though years of commitment to excellence. All the best Italian automobiles are moody but excellent, just like their creators.

For example, Lamborghini was an extension of its creator’s personality, most definitely. Maserati was born out of a passion for racing by two brothers.

Design and Styling

Everyone knows Italian supercars are some of the most beautiful, thanks to the country’s long tradition of design. Pininfarina, for example, is a world-renowned Italian styling company in Cambiano. The company has over eight decades of designing the likes of Ferrari, Maserati, Volvo, Ford, and Alfa Romeo.

Together with other styling houses such as Ghia, Bertone, and Zagato, Pininfarina gave the Italian made vehicles an aesthetic appeal that attracted the eyes of everyone around the world.

Most Expensive Vehicles

A handful of Italian models such as the Lamborghini Reventon, taking inspiration from the fighter jet, and the Pagani Zonda Cinque Roadster that boast a top speed of 217 mph makes the list of some of the most expensive.

Engines of the top Italian brands such as the 48-valve Lamborghini V12 have defined aural greatness, and the newer models continue to impress on all accounts. The Italian car industry has always demonstrated exceptional engineering ingenuity to reach the peaks of success.

Inarguably, Italian made vehicles have demonstrated what excellence in design, engineering ingenuity, and creative personality is all about. The next time you come across a Ferrari, take your hat off, because there lies Italian excellence.

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