Tires are something most people don’t think about. They just drive along until problems start happening like tires losing air, flats, shimmying, sliding on wet pavement and other problems. So, how do you know when it is time to replace your tires?

Signs Your Tires Are Toast

There are signs that your tires are too worn to drive safely anymore. And it is a good idea to know these signs, so you can check your tires once or twice a year to stay on top of things.

The Penny Test

The most famous test is the penny test. With Lincoln’s head facing you and upright, stick the penny all the way down in between the treads. If you can always see the top of Lincoln’s head in most of the places you test, then it is time to buy a set of new tires.

Wear on Outer Edges of Tires

This is not normal wear for a tire. Tires should wear evenly on all the tread. If your outer edges are going bald, but everything else is fine then it might be that your tires don’t have enough air in them. Check the door jamb for the correct tire pressure inflation number. Then test your tire’s inflation. Add more air to to the tire until it reaches that number. If you need to do this often then there is likely a leak from a bent rim or a hole in the tire. Have our mechanic at A1 Performance European Auto Repair check it out.

Feathered Tread

Feathered tread is when tread ribs are low in some places and high in others. This is likely due to an alignment issue. Come in and we’ll take a look at it and fix the alignment if necessary.

A1 Performance European Auto Repair

It is important to have tires with good tread so you can use your car with the confidence that it is safe to drive. Peculiar wear on tires is usually an inexpensive fix. If you catch it right away and fix the problem then you won’t have to replace the tires.

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