Renault Clio leapfrogged Volkswagen Golf as the most popular vehicle in Europe for 2020. The numbers don’t lie, and so there must be something good happening with the model. That aside, is buying a used Renault Clio hatchback a good idea? What are some of the most common teething troubles you are likely to encounter?

Electrical and Suspension Issues

According to the reliability index, electrical and suspension issues are the most common issue with the Renault Clio. Keep an ear out for any unusual sounds and always take the hatchback for a test drive. Make sure the touch screen system and the electric windows are working smoothly.

The vehicle’s automatic gearbox can be a bit of a drag when accelerating hard. This isn’t a problem, but it’s always good to be sure. Before you fish out the checkbook, a decent test drive will come in handy.

Timing Chain and Brake Hoses

The timing chain of the 1.5 diesel and 1.2 petrol needs replacing every five years. It’s always good to make sure of this before you commit to a purchase.

In the recent past, the Clio has been subject to recalls over issues on the fitting of brake hoses. The ineffective fitting of the protectors could result in hose wear and, consequently, fluid leak. You will often see a warning light on the dash.

This braking issue may be typical with Mk4 Clio before April 2015. If you are in doubt, inquire.


Renault Clio hatchback holds up pretty well compared to the competition in terms of a used buy. There are no consistent or significant faults associated with this generation of Clio. The 1.5 dCi also happens to steer clear the diesel particulate filter issues that are a dime a dozen with most other diesel engines – music to the ear.

Inspect for obvious signs of neglect and insist on a fully stamped service book. Lack of service history is a deal-breaker. If the current Clio doesn’t have it, move on to the next.

Drop us a line at A1 Performance European Auto repair for any issues with your European vehicle.

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