Quiz yourself and quiz your co-workers. We have a bunch of fun facts about cars. Let us know how many of these humdingers you knew.

Test Your Knowledge

How many of these fun facts do you know about the automobile? Take this little quiz to find out. Hint: There are some obscure facts here!

  1. What year was the very first traffic citation?
  2. What was the fastest speed a speeding ticket was written for?
  3. When was the 1st electric taxicab put into service?
  4. How many cars are made every day?
  5. If you could drive to the moon going 60mph, how long would it take?
  6. What percentage of Roll Royce cars are still on the road today?


  1. The first traffic citation was in 1899. The electric taxi driven by Jacob German was caught speeding at 12mph down Lexington Avenue in Manhattan. The posted speed limit was 8mph. He was arrested and jailed in the East 22nd Street station house. He was caught by a bicycle cop!
  2. The fastest someone was going to receive a speeding ticket was 242mph in a 75mph zone in Texas. It happened in 2003 and the car being driven was a Swedish Koenigsegg CC85. How the driver was caught is unknown.
  3. The electric taxi has been around for a very long time. They were first used in New York City in July of 1897. Samuel’s Electric Carriage and Wagon Company (ECWC) had 12 electric hansom cabs. By 1899, 90% of New York City’s taxis were electric.
  4. There are 165,000 cars created every single day on average. That’s 60 million cars each year. 1 billion cars are currently in use in the world.
  5. If you could drive your car to the moon, it would take you a month if you were driving 60mph.
  6. Rolls Royce still has 75% of their cars in roadworthy order.
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