Shaking while braking usually indicates that the rotors are warped, although it could be caused by more complicated issues with the car. But, the first course of action is to have the brake rotors looked at by a qualified mechanic – uncle Earl, the accountant who says he knows how to fix cars, probably isn’t the best choice. It is time for a good mechanic to take a looksee.

Shaking while Braking

When the mechanic looks at your brakes, the wheel comes off and he will take a good look at the rotor. If there is uneven wear on the rotors, this is the cause of that shaking while braking you’re experiencing. How to fix this problem is a raging debate.

Logic would have it that having the rotors machined to smooth it out would be far less costly than replacing them. Rotors are not cheap. But there are a couple of problems with that idea.

First, the machine shop will likely machine your rotors to the manufacturer’s minimum specifications. And that isn’t going to go far enough to take care of the warp in the rotor. Then you’ll be replacing the rotors in addition to having to pay for them to be machined. So, that isn’t the best way to go.

Secondly, back in the day rotors where a lot more expensive than they are today. Today’s manufacturing is done with less costly parts, so the rotors cost less new. While they can still cost $50 each, it is within reason and is the best way to go with this warped rotor problem.

You will need to replace the pads also, given those were worn with the old warped rotor. Save yourself the painful noises your old pads with new rotors will likely make. With new pads and new rotors, all your shaking while braking issues will disappear.

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