If you are planning on a European adventure, a rental car is definitely a bucket list item. The convenience and freedom from the car are among those that spice up your holiday. You can travel at your own pace, take in the splendor of some places or sites, and make your travel worthwhile.

Factors that will Affect the Rental Price of a European Vehicle

Pick-up and Drop-off Location

Apart from the size of the vehicle and rental period, the pick-up and drop-off location also determine the price tab of the rental car.

It’s more convenient and time-saving to drop off the vehicle at your destination. However, this convenience comes at a price that can range between €100 and €1000, especially if you are dropping it off in another country.

Get the different estimates of the various drop-off points and determine if the extra cost is worth the convenience you will get.

A Choice Between a Manual and Automatic Vehicle

You are much more likely to run into a manual than an automatic transmission vehicle in Europe. You can save up to 50% of the rental car price by choosing manual transmission over the automatic.

Train Station or Airport Pick-Up

Picking up a rental car at a train station or airport is always a welcome dose of convenience. Like the situation above, the convenience comes with a price tag that can be between €25 and €100 in additional costs.

Please note a train station or airport pick-up has a handful of benefits than a small shop. For example, the rental companies at the train stations and airports have a wide variety of vehicles. That means you are more likely to end up with a car of your choice and which makes it all worth the extra cost. Rent from a shop if you want to save a few bucks here and there.

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