Summer-proofing your Porsche before going on those fun holidays and day outings has a lot of advantages. To avoid breaking down while on the road, ensure your Porsche is in great shape this season by performing some pre-road trip checkups and maintenance duties.

Benefits of Summer Maintenance for Your Porsche

Your Porsche was an expensive purchase. You don’t want to have to buy a new one too soon or spend a lot of money on repairs that aren’t essential. You will have a less expensive and problem-free road vacation if you keep your vehicle well-maintained. Your Porsche will appreciate the extra care, and you will get more mileage out of your European automobile.

If you put off routine maintenance, it may come back to bite you in the future. You may believe that you can put off checking on the condition of your vehicle in your eagerness to get on the road and start your holiday. But before you know it, you’ve blown a tire on the highway, your radiator has overheated, or your windshield wiper fluid has run out. You don’t want to be trapped on the side of the road in the scorching heat of July.

You want to keep your family safe when driving. A neglected vehicle cannot guarantee you the safety you deserve.

Notable Pre-Summer Checklist for Your Porsche

Turn on the air conditioning. Keep an ear out for unusual noises or a lack of cool air. To guarantee an even water/coolant mix, use a coolant tester to check the level and condition of coolant in your radiator or overflow tank. To maintain appropriate lubrication, check all fluids (transmission, oil, and brake). Look for evidence of wear and tear on the brake pads or shoes. Check the power levels of your battery with a battery tester to ensure that your car starts when you want it. Check your wiper blades for wear and replace them if necessary.

If you want your Porsche checked out, our experienced team at A1 Performance European Auto Repair is up to the task for the best service. Give us a call today, and be glad you did.

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