When your car or truck overheats, it can cause some expensive damage. So, if it does start to get near that red zone on the gauge, then pull over and wait for it to cool down. But there are some things you can do to prevent your vehicle from overheating in the first place.

Keep Your Car from Overheating

The most obvious, but something most people neglect, is to keep your radiator full of antifreeze. Antifreeze will break down over time, so it is best that you have the old drained out and new put in every year, at a minimum.

But there is something else you can do that can help. Park in the shade. This will keep your car cooler, so when you start it up and drive it isn’t already burning hot from sitting in the sun in the hot air of summer. Parking in the shade is better for your paint and interior, also.

Keep up with your car’s maintenance schedule. When you get regular oil changes your hoses and belts, etc., will be checked at that time. A rotting radiator hose, for example, can cause the liquid in your radiator to evaporate and disappear, leaving you short on fluids to cool your radiator. So, with regular maintenance being done these sorts of things are caught before they cause you trouble.

Drive like a little, old lady. If you’re an aggressive driver then you’re going to have trouble from time to time. Aggressive driving habits cause a lot of friction and friction generates heat.

If your car starts to heat up and it looks like it’s going to the red danger zone and you cannot stop the car at that moment, flip on the heat full blast. This will help blow a lot of the heat off the engine until you can safely pull over.

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