Audi fans are like any fan, whether in love with their cars or in deep admiration of a celebrity, fun facts are always interesting and remembered. Today, you can learn new fun facts about your Audi!


The word Audi means listen in the Latin language. But why name a car listen? Because the founding owner’s last name was Horch, which means listening in German. So, they went with the Latin instead of the German. As it turns out, Audi is a lot less ridiculous than Listening.

What’s Up with the Rings in the Logo?

No, it isn’t the official car of the Olympics. And actually, if it were then it’d be one ring short. No, the 4 rings in the Audi logo represent the union of 4 auto companies that happened around 1932. They consisted of Horch (Horch’s original car company), DKW, Wandered and then Audi. And now they are all Audi.

Crash Test Dummies

The Crash Test Dummies had some great songs and they are completely unrelated to this blog post. Audi safety testing didn’t originally involve crash test dummies 75+ years ago. They simply pushed an DKW F7 down the hill and let it crash, proving how safe it was to be in one. All the spectators were just delighted with the excitement. But the Audi union continued to test all of their cars and still do.

Le Mans

Audi has won the La Mans a whopping 13 times.

Pike’s Peak

There is a pile of cars at the bottom of Pike’s Peak, because all of those race cars couldn’t make it up that hill. Until there was Audi’s autonomous car they named Shelley. Shelley got up that Pike’s Peak in 19 minutes short of the record. It is an amazing car. Shelley is pictured above.

Audi Love

You love your Audi and we completely understand. We always take special care of your baby when you bring it in for maintenance.

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