If you’ve been driving a late-model Mercedes for a long time, you’ve probably seen this message. It appears on the dashboard’s driver information panel and can be worrisome.

In this article, we’ll go through how to replace the auxiliary battery in a late model ML class (rebadged GLE from 2015). Although it requires a little more effort, it is not difficult. Here’s everything you need to know about it.

What is the purpose of the Auxiliary Battery?

A 12-volt battery is installed in every automobile, SUV, and truck to start the engine. Mercedes has had a second battery installed since the mid-2000s. The auxiliary battery (as the name implies) is a smaller version of the main battery. (To be precise, it’s a capacitor in a few Mercedes-Benz models, which is another device for storing power.)

The auxiliary battery serves as a backup to the primary battery. Depending on the car model, it performs a variety of functions. These functions include running the engine stop-start system and powering electrical accessories like the radio/infotainment system.

The auxiliary battery (like the main battery) charges while the engine runs. It lasts about four to six years, like the main battery. The computer displays a malfunction when it can no longer hold a charge.

You probably won’t notice any difference in the car’s operation when this malfunction display illuminates on the dash. Not replacing this battery could result in electrical problems and malfunctions.

Auxiliary Battery Replacement in a Mercedes-Benz ML GLE 350

The auxiliary battery’s location is under the rear seat on the left side of the late model ML (GLE) class. It may be beneath the carpet on one side of the trunk, behind one of the front seats, or under the glove box in other Mercedes models.

Make sure you get the proper replacement based on the part number compatibility.

The first step is to raise and forward the seat squab. The bolts keeping the seat back and the seat belt clamp in place are now visible. There are more bolts to remove under the seatback. These are under the carpet, so you’ll have to remove the cargo loops that are bolted to the body to get to them.

You can get to the battery by lifting the carpet with the seat out of the way. It’s a simple matter of swapping them out and then reinstalling the seatback. Tighten all bolts adequately. Ensure you properly dispose of the old battery

Our professional team at A1 Performance European Auto Repair can assist you if you need a competent technician to handle this for you. You’ll be glad you did if you give us a call right now.

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