Inarguably, BMW has carved a niche in the luxury automobiles market. Nonetheless, the brand also has its problems that you should watch out for, especially when buying a used BMW 3 series. For example, the low profile tires and large alloy wheels may produce more road noise because of the significantly firmer ride.

Some Expected Problems with the BMW 3 Series

Seat Belt Mechanism

The seatbelts in high-performance vehicles such as the BMW 3 series are complex devices. They are connected to airbags and other safety features, and this may give rise to other problems.

There is a possibility that the seat belt mechanism on the driver side for BMW 3 series manufactured between 2014 and 2015 is faulty. This makes it a bit difficult to use in cold weather, leaving you stuck for a few minutes at home in the morning. Check if the current unit is affected and have the mechanism replaced if it is.

Crankshaft Sensor

For vehicles manufactured between 16 May 2018 and 7 June 2018, a fault with the crankshaft sensor could limit its performance. This problem causes the engine to transition into an emergency reduced power mode.

A certified technician should confirm if your vehicle has this problem and recommend a crankshaft sensor replacement.

Engine Stalling

Sometimes on your way to work, your BMW 3 series engine may decide to stall, mostly due to fuel pump issues. Just before the engine cuts out, you will notice an error message and a warning lamp.

Check with your trusted mechanic or BMW dealer if your car is affected by fuel pump issues and determine if a replacement is necessary.

At A1 performance, we will be glad to check your BMW 3 series for problems and repair it. We have professional mechanics that will give your high-performance vehicle the care and attention it deserves.

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