Audi is an automotive brand that embodies the good characteristics of German engineering. In recent times, pollution regulations have become increasingly rigorous, including pollution from vehicle fumes. Fortunately, air pollution from exhaust fumes is usually the least of a driver’s concerns while driving a luxury brand like Audi. This relief is thanks to the catalytic converter.

What Is A Catalytic Converter?

A catalytic converter is a device installed at the end of an internal combustion engine to reduce pollution. The objective of this device is to regulate by-product emissions from the engine’s combustion chamber. Before released into the air, the catalytic converter transforms these by-products into less hazardous chemicals.

Many drivers have claimed that the catalytic converter in their Audi has failed at some point during their driving.

Catalytic Converter Failure Causes

When fuel that is supposed to burn in the combustion chamber makes its way into the catalytic converter, the hot engine parts will cause it to burn inside the converter. As a result, soot deposits will form on the catalytic converter, or worse, the damage will occur owing to the extreme heat generated by the combustion.

The spark plugs will be impaired if the air to fuel ratio in the internal combustion engine is incorrect. If there is incomplete combustion, part of the unburned fuel will make its way into the catalytic converter.

A malfunctioning oxygen sensor will give false readings, resulting in a too rich or too lean condition. Either of these scenarios is not good and can harm the catalytic converter. Rough driving, especially on bad roads, can expose the catalytic converter to debris, damaging it.

Possible Solutions

Regularly servicing your vehicle will enable you to prevent the catalytic converter in your Audi from deteriorating. This action makes the catalytic converter internals clean to prevent blockage, and you can identify and stop any signs of leaking fuel in time.

If your car exhibits the signs of a bad converter, it will almost certainly need replacement. A1 Performance European Auto Repair supplies high-quality parts that experienced technicians can install in your Audi.
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