No doubt, American brands have upped their game with such models as The V-Series Cadillacs giving European models such as RS Audis a run for their money. But it’s a Mercedes AMG sedan and other European autos which better indicates class and good taste.

It is just how it is.

Generally, European vehicles are the best representation of the upper echelons. But what makes European vehicles such winners?

Solid Engineering

While the primary focus for most non-European brands is low maintenance costs, European brands are about solid engineering. Even though high-quality engineering comes with a higher price tag, it gives drivers a better driving experience and longevity.

European vehicles are also more likely than other models to come out of a crash in a much better condition than others.

High-End Styling

The European car styling is miles ahead of rivals in the market, with a perfect blend of form and function, from the exterior to the upholstery and others. The quality of the finishing, the feel of the plastics, and the hand stitching of the fabric all create an exceptional distance from other brands.

For example, the BMW i3 has hemp-constructed door panels, which reduce the weight by as much as 10%. The unmistakable design features are typically European.

BMW has sound engineers on their payroll to take care of the acoustics to reduce vibrations and make the vehicle sound great.


European vehicles have always led the way in terms of car safety. Volvo, for example, was the one that come up with the three-point seat belt for driver and passenger safety. Every car on the road now uses Volvo’s design to ensure the safety of everyone inside the vehicle.

Other auto manufacturers are continually innovating and increasing access to safety features for everyone.

Most of the current European vehicles are now coming with assistive technology to increase vehicle efficiency and safety. Typically, every European vehicle that comes out of production has various top features to enhance the style and safety of every passenger.

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