Air suspension is an excellent addition to the Land Rover – it makes a big difference in the comfort and usability of your vehicle, especially when climbing hills or traversing rough roads.

However, air suspension on Land Rover can sometimes be temperamental. Common problems include leaks, clogging, and worn parts.

What Causes Air Suspension Problems

Air suspensions have various components – valves, filters, hoses, and pumps. These are designed to work together efficiently to provide smooth ride quality for passengers without any annoying rattles or squeaks.

However, these components eventually succumb to wear and tear.

If you notice any odd noises coming from your air suspension system, then it may be time to have it checked out by a professional technician. They can determine if there’s an underlying problem that needs fixing or just something that requires routine maintenance.

A leak is one of the most common issues with Land Rover air suspensions. This is because they are designed with small holes near each attachment point – where excess air escapes during operation without causing damage or jamming up the system. Often, a distinct hissing sound will be heard when there is a leak in the air suspension.

The question is whether you can drive with leaking air suspension, but the truth is, no. Every suspension component is air powered, and without sufficient air, you guessed it, it would mean trouble. Suspension issues can disable your Land Rover, and it’s pretty dangerous. A small air suspension leak can stand in the way of safe driving.

While Land Rover manufactures the suspension to serve drivers for many years, it’s not immortal. It eventually gets tired from carrying all that weight for many years.

If you feel like the suspension is misbehaving, bring it over to A1 Performance European Repair for a check. We are experts in Land Rover maintenance and repair.

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